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Monthly Top Voter Winners!

Nelly∞ OwnerDev posted Jun 4, 18

It's time to announce the winners for the TOP 30 most voting players of April + May!
If you've won Pumpkin, Voter, VIP+ or VIP rank, visit or now and purchase your rank, or whatever other item you maybe want, with the points you've been credited.
If you have not signed up on the website, please do that here, comment below telling us your username in Minecraft, and then our staff team will add points to your account so you can redeem your rank at the shop page! Have fun with your new ranks :) The winners are:

Pumpkin/Voter Rank Winners Of April + May

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
1 funkyjunky 460 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
2 NESXA 418 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
3 Nibs 354 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
4 JayPormei 314 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
5 kkdanger 272 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
6 CyberRyan 255 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
7 babsey 246 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
8 SmokeyMcPot 203 Sign up & comment below
9 medch 200 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
10 lol 185 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!

VIP+ Rank Winners Of April + May

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
11 Merlin 182 Wins VIP+ !
12 NerdGeneral 179 Sign up & comment below
13 RozKastoras 177 Sign up & comment below
14 abhishek 167 Wins VIP+ !
15 Fighter 160 Wins VIP+ !
16 Birr8 152 Sign up & comment below
17 Zarcinix 151 Wins VIP+ !
18 aga14 150 Wins VIP+ !
19 ktown325 150
Sign up & comment below
20 TylerISR 145 Sign up & comment below

VIP Rank Winners Of April + May

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
21 DemolisherMC 143 Wins VIP !
22 JOKKO 140 Sign up & comment below
23 poet 130 Wins VIP !
24 ZORAWAR 122 Sign up & comment below
25 Endymion 118 Wins VIP !
26 ProGamer 116 Wins VIP !
27 Razor 113 Wins VIP !
28 sharkbg1591 109 Sign up & comment below
29 LordDante 108 Wins VIP !
30 LonelyCat 105 Wins VIP !


Funkyjunky PUMPKIN Why is the top voter badge not showing up on my profile. I am on the top of the voter list. Plz tell me if there is any ...
LonelyCat Does VIP rank have any usage in cueballcraft ?
CyberRyan Vanilla-OPVIP+ CyberRyan is my Minecraft name.

Cueball Claimblocks Reset

Nelly∞ OwnerDev posted Jun 1, 18

Due to account-stealers, we decided it would be best to reset the account of the claim blocks of all players in CueballCraft. As a result, all player claimblocks in CueballCraft were changed to 100, which is the default amount. This does not include claimblocks that are used by claimed land.

I know the inconvenience of this decision. Unfortunately, our hands are tied in this decision ... The claimblocks have been abused and shared by staff and old accounts, and many accounts have too much. Account-stealing would only continue for a long time without this, as we have recently made a change that makes inactive accounts not unregister anymore. Want the server's claim space to be open and fair for everyone, and we want claimblocks to be a valuable game level that players can work for.

There are 3 ways to gain claimblocks on your account again:

  1. Spend time on the server (40 can be earned per hour) 
  2. Remove claims that are unused 
  3. Buy claimblocks from the Donations shop. Please note that users who already purchased claimblocks in the past will get them back again. We have extended the 50% OFF sale for one more week!

SASA LELE (50% Off)

Jack Owner posted May 18, 18

No, your eyes do not deceive you! We cut prices in half for our Donations shop, just like this sign!

lol dumb sign

Well, it's not cut in half... Actually there are two signs there. But who really cares about that sign? No one. No one is who.

But who cares about 50% off everything at You all do.

Maybe buy Cueball-OP for that special someone <3. Or buy Prospit rank for yourself and worldedit away that huge pixel-art of John Cena you regret making, so you don't have to break every block manually as he stares at you while his perfectly chiseled cheekbones and manly smile are broken slowly into oblivion. Is this a loss? You think not.

Or maybe shower yourself in Rare Item Tokens... oh wait the Rare Item Tokens is the one item that isn't included in this sale not marked down... Oh well, you should do that anyway!

HomestuckGirl PUMPKIN Cool
enderstyve Skaia-God SaSaLeLe ? noice
JayPormei PUMPKIN 50% discount sale?!
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