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Monthly Top Voter Winners!

Nelly∞ OwnerDev posted Sep 1, 18

It's time to announce the winners for the TOP 30 most voting players of August!
If you've won Pumpkin, Voter, VIP+ or VIP rank, visit or now and purchase your rank, or whatever other item you maybe want, with the points you've been credited.
If you have not signed up on the website, please do that here, comment below telling us your username in Minecraft, and then our staff team will add points to your account so you can redeem your rank at the shop page! Have fun with your new ranks :) The winners are:

Pumpkin/Voter Rank Winners Of August

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
1 SHONE 726 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
2 Emilyqt 464 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
3 Luminator97 412 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
4 DanDaDruff 375 Sign up & comment below
5 ibehank 331 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
6 opnesscametrue 250 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
7 KrazyAndrew0024 234 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
8 MisterLucas 195 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
9 filnek 177 wwins pumpkin or vvoter 
10 Brutal_Force 173 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!

VIP+ Rank Winners Of August

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
11 Emmsybabes 156 Wins VIP+ !
12 misterneako 155 Wins VIP+ !
13 benzi 145 Sign up & comment below
14 Wolvesvenom82 132 Wins VIP+ !
15 Danther_XD 116 Sign up & comment below
16 CoolGeek 106 Sign up & comment below
17 Hack_96 103 Sign up & comment below
18 testeras 90 Wins VIP+ !
19 Rokas 81
Wins VIP+ !
20 Pami 80 Wins VIP+ !

VIP Rank Winners Of August

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
21 minedigger98 69 Wins VIP !
22 pentothal 68 Sign up & comment below
23 bleached 63 Sign up & comment below
24 darkzix123 62 Sign up & comment below
25 BigV97 59 Wins VIP !
26 LisaGirl 56 Sign up & comment below
27 Purple 50 Sign up & comment below
28 jsyt 50 Sign up & comment below
29 JavaSucks 48 Sign up & comment below
30 Anime 47 Wins VIP !


Emmsys Hi! I'm Emmsybabes in-game!
milk hey, this is late but I'm milk! can i get my points?
Funkyjunky PUMPKIN votes not point.

Server Maintenance

Nelly∞ OwnerDev posted Aug 27, 18

Wednesday, August 29, 21:00 UTC (5 PM EST), we will be performing important maintenance on our server network.

Expect up to 15 minutes of downtime for all Minecraft servers.

No loss or resets to data or builds will occur.

We may keep you up-to-date on progress or any issues that occur on the Twitter

⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣

Nelly∞ OwnerDev posted Aug 14, 18


Your first day in this world is scary
You are a being, born into a new life

Your eternal search has begun.
A search for food, a home
Maybe a few friends too

Your enemies are many
A zombie, a creeper
Possibly another human too!

Your first goal in this world is to learn
Who to trust as your friend
How to make a sword
To defend yourself, your home, your friends

Learn to farm, where to get food
Maybe a few commands too

Learn to trust those who help you
The beautiful star who shines on us daily
The d0ct0r who helps you and makes life better

Learn to ask questions
Your voice isn't something to put down

But most of all learn to have fun
Learn to laugh, life isn't too bad

Your second goal is to build
Friendship is foremost
Build it first

After that, Build a home to protect you
build gardens, bridges, Monuments too!

But always remember
Build your friendships
Because in your times of need
You will not be alone

Your final goal
Is to have fun
Always have fun
Let people know
You have a fiery soul
A soul of gold and flames
Not ice and rain

Your will must be strong
Or you may not survive
But if you survive
Your rewards will be many

So learn
So Build
So have fun

Let your flames become a bonfire of glory
Your glory,
Your name,
Your life
Your legacy

vagglil I cant download Minecraft can you help me
SuperSeaboy Hey does any one know how to set a skin on the skia luancher
Glados The d0ct0r part was hilarious!
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