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Take that, Santa

Jack Owner posted Dec 7, 18

Unlike Santa, we don't care if you've been good or bad. In fact, this season we're gifting everyone 35% off if your Cart is $100+ (Code: HOHOWOAH413), and 25% off if your Cart is $50+ (Code: HOHOHO413).

Expires after Christmas. You won't want to miss this!

Minecraftcito thanks for the discount very helpful

Monthly Top Voter Winners!

Nelly∞ OwnerDev
N_Sh @
posted Dec 2, 18

It's time to announce the winners for the TOP 30 most voting players of September, October and November!
If you've won Pumpkin, Voter, VIP+ or VIP rank, visit or now and purchase your rank, or whatever other item you maybe want, with the points you've been credited.
If you have not signed up on the website, please do that here, comment below telling us your username in Minecraft, and then our staff team will add points to your account so you can redeem your rank at the shop page! Have fun with your new ranks :) The winners are:

Pumpkin/Voter Rank Winners Of September + October + November

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
1 Luminator97 1,059 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
2 osamaelaraby 583 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
3 Nibs 400 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
4 DanDaDruff 378 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
5 iLearner 361 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
6 momori 334 Sign up or comment below
7 Sword 262 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
8 GalactiusX4 205 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!
9 Jack13skully 204 wwins pumpkin or vvoter 
10 madheaven 184 Wins Pumpkin or Voter!

VIP+ Rank Winners Of September + October + November

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
11 ibehank 178 Wins VIP+ !
12 PaksuPoika 157 Wins VIP+ !
13 EnderUser_ 155 Wins VIP+ !
14 staple 113 Wins VIP+ !
15 filnek 109 Wins VIP+ !
16 digital_lewd 108 Sign up & comment below
17 ReptileGamingMC 108 Wins VIP+ !
18 Falcon1309 107 Wins VIP+ !
19 Elhuevoman 102
Wins VIP+ !
20 Maehv 98 Wins VIP+ !

VIP Rank Winners Of September + October + November

Position In-game Name Votes Rank won/status
21 Rave33 90 Wins VIP !
22 Minty 88 Wins VIP !
23 Winston 88 Sign up & comment below
24 Hack_96 87 Sign up & comment below
25 MisterLucas 79 Wins VIP !
26 Thewhales 78 Wins VIP !
27 ClessAngel 75 Sign up & comment below
28 Malivon 74 Wins VIP !
29 peterlin 73 Sign up & comment below
30 animations 72 Sign up & comment below


animations pls give me my vip rank top voter
Hack_96 VIP i have crack mc
Hack_96 VIP iam requesting vip rank iam one of the top voters my ign is Hack_96

A 1.13 Towny Server

Nelly∞ OwnerDev
N_Sh @
posted Nov 26, 18  -

No more waiting patiently for 1.13. You can join our new cracked 1.13 server right now!

I'm happy to announce that a Towny server, which has been anticipated for years, is finally here and added to our network.

This new server has everything you could ask for.

  • Custom ranks
  • New donations shop (WIP)
  • Jobs
  • mcMMO
  • Custom Advancements
  • Economy, that will never overpowered or broken
  • Auctions
  • Crates
  • Custom daily rewards ... And so much more.

Custom, and different than what you may be used to. But good different!

Join today!

Type '/server TheWild',

or connect to the IP:

Have any suggestions, or need to know how to get started? Don't be shy! Start a new thread anytime in the forum category (click here)

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Ayaka Yay! looks beautiful.
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