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We have our very own Cracked Minecraft Launcher. Check out the page and download it here:


We hope you love it, and share it with your friends!
If you make a video of the launcher, title it "Cracked Minecraft Launcher 1.13.2 Skaia Launcher", or "How to play 1.13.2 Minecraft for free (Skaia Launcher)", and comment your video's link here, I will instantly give you Advertiser rank. Which is awesome because it has /fly and stuff. For rules and conditions click here.
Thanks for helping us get the word out.  

Here is how your video should look 
emis1234567890 I wish i could have a pc i could play on:( i have a pc but it says open GL error so mc crash. Pls help?
Redstone_Tony PUMPKIN wow, i've been looking for this server for a long time, to be with people who are homestuck fans like me. but i mus...
Sajid VIP+ Guys I had made a video of this launcher a month ago yet I even didn't get any reply on my ticket . Checkout my vi...

Sharing is Caring

Nelly∞ OwnerDev posted Jan 28, 19

The combo SALE

Buy a rank for a friend, get rewarded!

Option A:
Buy OP Armor (Survival) and Noble rank (Towny)
Get Elector rank (Towny) for FREE

Option B:
Buy OP Sword (Survival) and Tribal rank (Towny)
Get Hunter rank (Towny) for FREE

Option C:
Buy VIP and VIP+ (Factions)
Get /back (Factions) for FREE

Option D:
Buy Donor and Donor+ (Factions)
Get /ec (Factions) for FREE

Option E:
Buy God of Skaia (Factions) and Royal rank (Towny)
Get 300k in-game eco on both servers for FREE

In addition, the above items are now 15% OFF! After purchase, please create a support ticket and we'll redeem your free item.

Take that, Santa

Jack Owner posted Dec 7, 18

Unlike Santa, we don't care if you've been good or bad. In fact, this season we're gifting everyone 35% off if your Cart is $100+ (Code: HOHOWOAH413), and 25% off if your Cart is $50+ (Code: HOHOHO413).

Expires after Christmas. You won't want to miss this!

Minecraftcito thanks for the discount very helpful
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