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News, events or other fun stuff going on in the server.
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By Ninevolt Skaia-GodVIP Apr 9, 18
General topics related to the server.
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By Momeds :D Fri at 10:38
This is where we share helpful server resources and technical information!
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By SereneDove Member May 5, 18
Show your builds in this category! Post screenshots, videos etc.
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Forum for the pitching of new ideas, features or changes to the servers - By the community!
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By Sistine Fibel Member Sat at 19:53
Talk about general Faction stuff like trading or recruitment.
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The exclusive CueballCraft-related topics forum. Server OPs can edit!
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Topics related to the Creative server.
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Topics related to the Hunger Games server.
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War is hell.
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Non-SkaiaCraft Related
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By りっか Vanilla-OPModPUMPKINVIP+ Apr 22, 18
Discussions about the webcomic.
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By Implazion Premium Apr 8, 17
Play a game that isn't Minecraft? Post here.
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By lil glucose Premium+VIP Mar 18, 18
Share your awesome artwork with us!
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By Varoux Donor Apr 3, 18
Talk about or post links of music, movies or tv media. Keep it kid-safe!
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All fun forum games can be found and posted here. Have fun!
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By Synd Co-Owner May 11, 18
Help & Support
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If you need help with anything related to the server, ask us here and we will do whatever you need!
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By りっか Vanilla-OPModPUMPKINVIP+ Mon at 01:33
Tell us where your builds are. Our staff team will immediately find it, rollback the damage and, if necessary, punish the naughty griefer!
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By itsfine Co-OwnerVanilla-OPAdminSkaia-God May 3, 18
If you found a bug, or if you aren't able to do a thing you need to do, post here.
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By HoussemKeyCo Vanilla-OP 24 hours ago
Let us know how we're doing, or share your thoughts with us!
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By JayPormei Fri at 09:29
If you even ever want to report someone who is being naughty.
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By itsfine Co-OwnerVanilla-OPAdminSkaia-God Fri at 15:22
Go here to appeal if you were punished by a staff member, or falsely banned by our automatic Anti-Cheat System.
If you cannot login to the server using a password you chose, or cannot register, contact us here.
Having a problem, or didn't get your rank/items? Click here!
SkaiaNet Hosting
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Have a question, and need help? This is the place for all things SkaiaNet. We take the hard part out of running a server.
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Information & Resources
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Help out the server, and get cool stuff in-game as a reward!
Section about the SkaiaCraft Cracked Minecraft Launcher.
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By xcnathan32 Apr 28, 18
Section about the Homestuck music radio station.
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By Nelly∞ OwnerDev May 11, 18
Section about SkaiaCraft's TeamSpeak Server.
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Help us raise funds to keep the server up, and you'll get to keep the community as your own!
Rules that all staff and donors should follow when working or playing on SkaiaCraft.
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By Nelly∞ OwnerDev Sun at 23:17
This is an accurate list of staff members for any reference needed. Also, if you feel you should report someone, but don't know their name, you can search for them here.
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By Nelly∞ OwnerDev Feb 21, 18
If you see someone being exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable, LET US KNOW right here!
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By Q8K Sep 23, 17
Staff are not allowed to abuse their power by griefing, creating op items, killing players, spamming or changing server settings. If you see a staff member doing any of the above, Admin or Mod, report that person here.
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By ParadoxFox_ Co-OwnerVanilla-OP 7 hours ago
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