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Official CueballCraft (Vanilla) Staff List

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Martino1337 Co-OwnerDevVanilla-OP
Below are all of the operators that CueballCraft has, along with donated operators. If anyone contacts you in-game and claims to be an operator and isn't on this list, they're lying and are not to be trusted. You can trust the users below, as they've been specially selected to represent the CueballCraft community as it's head figures. If there are any complaints about the staff below, please contact one of the administrative figures, e.g., Co-Owner, Owner.

Green - You are fulfilling what is expected of you as a staff member.
Yellow - You have made few or minor mistakes. You should be more active.
Orange - You are not participating as expected. Improve performance or risk losing your rank.
Red - You have been warned about your behavior and will not receive another notice. You have one week to improve.
Purple- New/Neutral
$ - Donated for position.
Grey - Staff member is temporarily inactive.
Notice: Exact In-Game names are put between brackets ()

SkaiaCraft Owner (4) SkaiaCraft Co-Owner & Cueball Dev (3)
Nelly∞ (N_Sh)
p1BdEWE.png @NSh#7013
Martino1337 (martino1337)
p1BdEWE.png @Fred#6084
StarDan90 (StarDan90)
p1BdEWE.png @StarDan90#1124
speedlegs_ (speedlegs_)
p1BdEWE.png @[=DW=]Speedlegs#7400
Jack (SkaiaCraft)
p1BdEWE.png @d0ct0rJack#4031
ZedPool (ZedPool)
p1BdEWE.png @ZedPool#4477
D0ct0rKat (D0ct0rKat) $
p1BdEWE.png @Kesh66#8466

SkaiaCraft Co-Owner & Cueball Op (8)
XxAalyNellyxX (XxAalyNellyxX) $
p1BdEWE.png @XxAalyNellyxX#5095
Hydronic89 (Hydronic89) $
p1BdEWE.png @Hydronic89#1112
Biestkillah (Biestkillah) $
p1BdEWE.png @Biestkillah#5290
ParadoxFox_ (ParadoxFox_)
p1BdEWE.png @ParadoxFox#7986
GapsMN (GapsMN)
p1BdEWE.png @Gaps#1782
p1BdEWE.png @wibert#6841
Noahtho (Noahtho)
p1BdEWE.png @Noahtho#3506
itsfine (itsfine)
p1BdEWE.png @02#0017

SkaiaCraft Admin & Cueball Op (3)SkaiaCraft Moderator & Cueball Op (0)
Crusher__ (Crusher__)
p1BdEWE.png @Crusher#4079
Chris (chris)
p1BdEWE.png @BleuHex#0168
p1BdEWE.png @Rishabh#2213

Cueball Op Only (22)
HoussemKeyCo (HoussemKeyCo)
p1BdEWE.png @HoussemKeyCo#6770
(Ghost_45) $
p1BdEWE.png @Ghost_45#6680
Kinomega (Kinomega)
p1BdEWE.png @Kinomega#0820
SynaxariEmmy (SynaxariEmmy)
p1BdEWE.png @SynaxariEmmy#7714
OvO (OvO)
p1BdEWE.png @ovo#9847
Sev (Sev) $
p1BdEWE.png @Sev#5248
Shade_ROTEX (Shade_ROTEX) $
p1BdEWE.png @ROTEX1000#0673
babsey (babsey) $
p1BdEWE.png @babsey#1329
(MickeSensei) $
p1BdEWE.png @Micke#9312
Sam177 (sam177) $
p1BdEWE.png @sam177#3828
Daisia (Daisia)
p1BdEWE.png @Daisy#0248
RagedEclipse (RagedEclipse)
p1BdEWE.png @RagedEclipse#5843
CyberRyan1 (CyberRyan) $
p1BdEWE.png @CyberRyan#4434
(errer1001) $
p1BdEWE.png @errer1001#1573
(Ghost_45) $
p1BdEWE.png @Ghost_45#6680
Grieven (Grieven) $
p1BdEWE.png @Grieven of Angmar#9693
(OVH_Nulled) $
p1BdEWE.png @OVH_Nulled#1852
aiduniverse (MoonPhase) $
p1BdEWE.png @MoonPhase#8609
(RainbowFairy1) $
p1BdEWE.png @RainbowFairy1#2372
(shadowfireJRRT) $
p1BdEWE.png (Not joined)
p1BdEWE.png @VERSACE#6387
(Zelds) $
p1BdEWE.png @PapiZelds#4923

Trial-Op (0)
None at this time

Applications are currently open. However, due to the large amount of applications we receive, it may take a long while before we will begin reviewing your new one.
Posted Mar 1, 14 · OP · Last edited Jul 6, 18 by Martino133...
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Martino1337 Co-OwnerDevVanilla-OP
Staff list been updated. To all staff please be sure to check your status to know where you stand as an operator!
Posted Jul 6, 18 · OP
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