Ban appeals are not meant for the forums! If you want to create a ban appeal, you must create a support ticket. The purpose of this post is to help you help us help you.

There are a few guidelines to follow when appealing for a ban at Please read and re-read the guidelines provided below to prevent further confusion and issues when it comes to appealing a ban. Keep it professional, and remember by trying to make an appeal you've taken the first step to trying to get unbanned. If you don't know who banned you, please visit this link to find out who did it and a small explanation, provided next to your ban, as to why.

Guidelines towards appeals:

  • You understand that lying to any degree is a auto-reject.
  • You must understand that hackers and advertisers, have a very slim chance, if any, of getting unbanned unless there's a set time limit.
  • If you complain about an appeal being denied, your chances for your next appeal being accepted will decrease.

Be sure to include the following information.

  • Real In-Game name that is banned
  • Date of ban
  • Why should you be unbanned
  • Who banned you
  • Why were you banned

Other notes:

  • Don't make several appeals, one is enough. If you decide to make a new one anyways, the ticket will be ignored and closed, as this is considered annoying and a staff member will see it sometime throughout the day, I promise.
  • Keep your appeal on topic and keep it about you.
  • If you want to be taken seriously, write out a serious appeal.

We are simply the best server there is. Tee hee.