The CueballCraft S-Vanilla server contains a useful home warp functionality.

/home set - This sets your home and respawn-point to your location.
/home - Takes you to the home you've set
/home delete - Removes your home
/home point - Points your compass towards your home
/home <username> - Insert a username to get to your friend's home
/home list - Displays your friend's homes that you can visit
/home ilist - Displays who can visit your home
/home invite <username> - Invites someone to your home
/home uninvite <username> Kicks them out
/home public - Makes your home public
/home private - Does the opposite of /home public
/home help - Learns you all your home commands in-game

Commands for OPs
/home <username> - Gets to another user's home
/home clear <username> - Deletes another user's home
/home rename <oldusername> <newusername> - Change a home's owner username