In addition to the rules of the game, we found it useful to develop a set of guidelines that are specific to the forums.
Failure to follow any of these rules may lead to a warning on your account, at the discretion of our Forum Mods. If 3 warning points are accumulated in your account, your account will be banned permanently from posting on forums. If you are banned from the forums, you can not appeal the ban, so make sure to follow these rules very carefully!

Remember that some of the rules are more serious than others, and you should always use common sense, if something is not specifically mentioned below.

Guidelines for Forums:

Do not spam
  • No Necro posting. Very short or useless topics and replies will be removed. Do not create short new topics, the content of which is short enough to put in the Shoutbox, or send a private message to a particular player.
  • No unnecessary responses / Grave digging. You do not need to make short answers to each topic. This can be irritating to everyone.
  • No heated debates. Do not use the forums as a dispute-chat service. If the responses become negative, the thread will be locked / deleted at any time.
  • Do not start or perpetuate arguments. It's fine to talk and discuss things, but keep it civil. If it gets out of control, and staff should participate, there will be consequences.
  • Do not create alternative accounts. You are allowed ONE Enjin account, and that is your own. There's no reason you have to make another, unless specifically allowed by staff. Accounts created to avoid a forum ban, or to troll other players will lead to a ban on your IP address.
  • Do not post any pornographic images or links, or anything that may be illegal or cause problems for our site.
  • Do not post or promote fundraisers (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc). This rule stands regardless if it is your own fundraiser or hosted by any other person or organization.
  • Do not post any topics related to politics.
  • Do not create threads stating that you are leaving from the server. This creates unnecessary drama, and will grant a permanent ban on all the servers and forums.

Be Sweet
  • Never blatantly disrespect the staff or any other player. Just like in the game, rudeness and malicious trolling will not be tolerated. Pretend to get along or ignore people if necessary.
  • Do not disturb other players. If a player asks you to stop talking to them or bringing them up, stop doing it. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable.
  • Do not cuss or post any profanity.
  • Hate speech will never be tolerated.

Guidelines for reporting players
  • Follow the player-report format: Click Here
  • Failure to follow the correct player-report format or any rage in the post, will lead to the removal of the post.
  • There is little need to report hackers, as the server automatically deals with them.
  • Make sure you post in the right section "Reports"
  • Do not write very long posts, because they can be a pain for staff to read.
  • Do not private message staff.
  • If you are banned from the game, please create a support ticket instead: Click here. Do not post complaints on the forums.
  • If you are not the person who has been banned, do not leave a support ticket without a good reason.

To the staff and Forum-Mods: be an example. Try to diffuse tension building between players before it can spill over on to the forums. Help players find their voice and give them the support they need.