| Support Ticket Guideline |
In light of the numerous amount of Support Tickets, I thought of making a guideline to save time for both the requester and the assignee. We receive tickets on a daily basis and we always try our best to give a quick response. Here are a few things to consider to achieve a good experience for both sides.

⦁ Please register an account to the website before create a ticket. This is not a requirement but it helps us mange your tickets much easier. Register here: Sign Up.

⦁ When creating a Support Ticket please put some time, effort and be specific when describing your issue (screenshots are very handy). This is key to solving the issue efficiently. A well described ticket help us answer the issue without asking for additional information.

Be patient! Some tickets require a specific personal to handle the case and if they are unavailable for the time being this could result in a longer wait time then usual.

Do not create multiple tickets regarding the same matter! Creating multiple tickets consigning the same matter is a big no no. If you have something to add, add a comment in the same ticket. Disobeying this can result in your tickets being ignored.

Note: If your ban appeal gets denied you'll have to wait a week before making a new one. Again put some time and effort into it.

Use screenshots! I can't stress enough how useful screenshots are when describing a situation/problem.

| Q & A |

Q: Can I trust you guys with the personal information I provide?

A: Any personal information provided by you is strictly confidential and kept in a closed circle. Sharing such information is strictly forbidden.

Q: Who handles Support Tickets?

A: The people behind the tickets is a selected few from the staff team who have shown extra interest in helping players more then just in-game. This position is earned and cannot be applied for. Full listing of the support crew can be found on this page: Support Crew. Those aboard the support crew bear this tag:

Q: Why do ban appeals take so long?

A: Ban appeals are reviewed by not only one support member but several. Accepted appeals can therefore only be issued if a certain amount of support members reviews the matter. We gather as much intel as we can before making a final decision, this includes contacting the one who issued the ban to hear their side ect. We do understand that being banned is not fun, especially if falsely banned. However we do not want to let an abuser/ potential abuser on to our server if they can't follow the rules. Note: If your ban appeal gets denied you'll have to wait a week before making a new so put some time and effort into it.

Q: Why do you need my IP when recovering my password?

A: IP addresses are used to verify if the IP address you provided matches the IP address for the account you are requesting the password for. Note: IP addresses are only a necessity if you aren't registered and signed in to the website.

Q: Why can't you just tell me my password?

A: All password registered to our servers are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone no matter rank or permission.

Spoiler: What should be included in a ban appealShow