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Reporting Kong_Da_Savage

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ParadoxFox_ Co-OwnerVanilla-OP
IGN: ParadoxFox_

Offender: Kong_Da_Savage

Offenders Rank: Donor Co-Owner

Server: OP Factions

Reason(s): Killing people in gamemode creative, Spawning in OPs, giving spawned-in items to players, teleporting players to their location to kill them.

Today at around 8 PM, I logged on to show my friend, Harley, a house I made for her. A few minutes in-game, I was teleported to Kong's location even when I advised him earlier today that doing /tphere is a surefire way to get demoted. Both he and a player named dado were waiting to kill me, so I attempted to kill dado first but died due to his thorns armor. I did /back to kill them and get my items back.

I successfully killed dado. He came back and attempted to get another set of OP armor from a nearby chest so I killed him again. When Kong moved on me aggressively (who I thought was a friendly until then), I struck him 4-5 times to find he was in GMC. He eventually killed me. I kicked him for killing me in gamemode 1 and went in gamemode spectator to prevent further fighting.

After the kick, I came to the sudden realization that the entire spectacle took place on Kong's island. I looked in the chest dado previously went inside, and found it was filled with OP tools, weapons, and armor-- clearly duped by Kong using /kits op.

I demoted them to prevent further abuse.

I am awaiting an Owner's decision on Kong_Da_Savage's demotion.

All of what I said above can be proven through logs. Screenshots for duped items below:
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Hail Hydra
Posted Nov 24, 17 · OP · Last edited Nov 24, 17 by ParadoxFox...
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Glad Pepe
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If you need a poll vote i vote for him to be PERM demoted.

He kinda gave out ops and use /tphere to kill you. Isnt that a ban and a demotion?
Then on top of that he killed you in gm c. He shouldnt kill players and keep their stuff anyways.

Sorry Kong, But Im gonna have to agree with Fox on this

PS: Dont chargeback once you get demoted, now u got no chance at getting your rank back. remember when you agreed to the Terms Of Service? It states that you will not chargeback, you agreed to this. Therefore you now are perm demoted, perm banned and you look bad

Posted Nov 25, 17
Top Voter
Also he kicked me because "Not leaving the island when told to", heh.
Check my history on SkaiaCraft and you will see that
Posted Nov 30, 17
Sad Pepe
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