What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service.

DDoS attacks are a way of making a service on the internet unavailable. There are a large number of ways this is achieved, but most involve flooding a server with more data than it can handle.

This video explains how DDoS attacks typically work and explains two different types of DDoS attack:

For a more in depth article on DDoS attacks, check out the page on Wikipedia.

Does SkaiaNet have DDoS protection?

Yes, we have advanced hardware and software level filtering devices on our servers.

The vast majority of attacks are automatically mitigated, and they go by completely unnoticed by players on servers that we host. If you're the one doing the attacking, you're literally wasting your time. Get a job or a hobby that you're more skilled at, okay?

Is my server being attacked?

Just kidding. Most likely not, but it’s typically impossible to tell if a specific server is being targeted.

We host multiple Minecraft server instances on a single physical server. Most DDoS attacks target the physical server, not an individual instance. This makes it impossible to tell which instance is the intended target.

Any network interruptions are posted on our status Twitter account, @SkaiaStatus.