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Son Gohan! Way More Powerful In Manga!

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Dragon Ball Super fans were disappointed seeing Gohan eliminated when he was during the Tournament of Power as many of them felt like the character wasn't given his due before he was taken out.

But the manga run of Dragon Ball Super is already making major changes to how the Tournament of Power is progressing, and one of the hugest changes is making sure Gohan is as impressive as he deserves.

The manga started Gohan on the right foot by having Gohan wear his Piccolo gi rather than wear his father's, and now that the tournament has started he's majorly impressive as he single handedly fights off the Trio de Dangers of Universe 9 (rather than struggle against one like he did in the series), and he even saves Piccolo from being eliminated by using a huge burst of ki power.

This gets the Universe 9 fighters off of him, and he's able to jump to Piccolo's aid outside of th Tournament of Power arena. But before he falls, he blasts himself back into the ring. But before he and Piccolo can counterattack, Frost and Freeza come in to eliminate Universe 9.

This set of maneuvers is already demonstrating a Gohan with a higher level of skill than in the anime series. Gohan may have been the team's strategist in the anime series, and had some nice teamwork with Freeza, but Android 17 and Freeza ended up getting more shine than a character that was once the focal point of the franchise.

But now the manga may remedy that, and is already heading in the right direction.

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Very cool and nice post
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