Your in-game name: iCodeHit
Who you want to report: JackYTZ
What rank he/she is: Co-Owner $
Why you want to report: Troll muted me and ending up literally breaking my chat.
Description of what happened, with full details: So basically what happened, was JackYTZ decided it would be funny to troll perm mute me. Now with the screenshots below, I will further explain. But once Jack unmuted me I was unable to see my sent messages on public chat (I can see it on staff chat and faction chat). The rules is, is that no staff member is allowed to troll people.
Also a troll is supposed to be amusing and not serious. This person broke my chat, and possibly my client by perm muting me.
Screenshots and other evidence:

This Screenshot proves to you that my chat settings are really the default ones:

The chat log from Discord shows me saying "test" two times.
[admin] iCodeHit » test
[admin] iCodeHit » test

The screenshot shows the above ^ in my POV:

Due to the commotion in staff chat on discord I have to prove I did not have f1 on:
This screenshots shows me saying "test" but me not able to see it.