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Changed MC Name and Lost All My Stuff on Survival

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So I've been playing on the survival server for a bit and I had recently changed my minecraft username, and when I rejoined it recognized me as a new player instead of putting me where I was when I last joined, and when I went on survival all my stuff was gone.
Posted Jun 14, 18 · OP
Nelly∞ OwnerDev
This is a cracked (aka "offline mode") server, so it stores user data only by usernames. If you change your username on a cracked server, it will not automatically contact the Mojang API to find out who you are, so the server in fact sees you as a completely new player.

You will need to use a cracked launcher to join as your old username, and move your items yourself using chests. Or you can contact the staff while you are in the game, so they will open an offline inventory of your older username and give you the items.
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