Username: RagedEclipse
Offender: Pavi
Offense: Possession of Illegal Items (Gamemode C Items)
Server: CueballCraft
Evidence: 2 Shulker Boxes containing iron armor, swords, bows, shields, and fishing rods (With the Unbreakable Tag) that were all made from a previous staff member who had them in their alt's base. Once the claim went inactive, Pavi had an Op transfer the claim and then failed to report the illegal items and instead broke the chest they were in and put the items into Shulker Boxes into his Ender Chest.

Punishment: Usually it is a permanent ban for possessing Illegal items, but I feel that Pavi just didnt know that they weren't legitimate items (as they are hard to see that they are not from survival.) He also has a super clean history and has been playing on the server for a while so the ban will only be 5 days.

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