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What Is Included In The Server Hosting?

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Is the server hosting just infrastructure and a control panel or does it come pre-configured with server software and plugins?

If not, which server and which plugins would I need to create a mini-whitelisted version of cueball?
Posted Sep 5, 18 · OP
Zeldien Vanilla-OP
SkaiaCraft's server hosting is exactly like what it states in the package, it does not contain any plugins or pre installed software other than spigot, and such versions. But it comes with a control panel and an FTP, where you could upload your own plugins or download them for a list, I will also send you a list of plugins in enjin messages.

NOTE: The list of plugins that I will send are not the same of cueballs, but it could do the same job, this is because I would not share or leak any data about cueball's plugins because it invades the security of the server.
Posted Sep 6, 18 · Last edited Sep 6, 18 by Zeldien
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