Yes, its me.

The man (woman?) the myth, the legend

The creator of all creations - the first minigames known to Cueball

You may know them as Omaha, Castle Wars, and the highly popular Bunker Wars

As some of you know, BW got wiped due to some... questionable admin power access, and thus the map is gone.

Despite losing my OP privileges, I've been at work.
And I can now confirm that I've revived Bunker Wars.

Problem is, I'm no longer OP. Which means some of the mechanics needed to make the minigame work are out of my reach.

However, the command blocks that were used for BW still remain intact, and are easily re-usable for the new map.

So the reason for this post:

I need community support, to convince the staff that the minigames should stay.

If you don't vote, the revival of Bunker Wars is not going to happen.
If you don't vote, you will not have anywhere to go to and have fun, when you're bored on the server
If you don't vote, PvP'ers will get thirsty, and kill you and loot your gear, instead of doing it in a safe minigame.

so tl;dr, there are 3 things I need, to make it up and running once again

1. Permissions to the old BW area - opening and closing it
2. Community support
3. People who are eager to participate once again, and to introduce the new ones to the glory of bloodshed on the battlefield

If we don't have these things, you will have to tediously bring your own gear to the area every single time.

This consists of leather armor (Cheap) and a Bow (Also cheap), as well as bypassing PvP invulnerability

But if the old BW area is revived again, you don't have to go through that process, and can directly just hop into the fight at whim.

I've hosted a ton of minigames in my time, so I know of all the little that can go wrong.

And the solution to them, is the old Bunker Wars area, that made sure all those problems were addressed.

Will you answer the call to war?

- Pig