Hello, Skaia. I'm writing this because I feel there's been a large unrest due to the reinstatement of the 12/12 rule to regulate PVP times on Cueball Craft. There is a large portion of players who desire 24/7 PVP again.

I'm going to go over why the 12/12 rule was put back into place, because in the end, there is a very valid reason. All I ask is that you, as the reader, attempt to see the big picture; ask yourself "what's really best for the server?"

To begin, I'd like to prove the poll that was recently hosted over forums does not truly depict the server's collective desire (the votes are 50/50 at the time this was written.) Logical reasoning is the only thing that can give a less prejudiced insight as to what the majority of players want. Let me explain; most forum users are veterans. Players who are active forum members are usually rich, successful, and involved members of the community. Following this line of reasoning, most players on forums like PVP. Less experienced players, who favor the 12/12 rule, don't necessarily go on forums. This means a large portion of the server doesn't even get a voice. If we were to get every player's vote, I suspect players would prefer 12/12 more.

But see- what matters isn't that people chose 24/7 or 12/12 over the other. It's that there's huge portions of players that prefer one of both sides. We can't lose mass amounts of players based on favoritism towards the 24/7 rule. The answer isn't to damn over half of the server's players because those with a voice and influence want 24/7 PVP.

It's these voiceless players that actually compose (roughly) 2/3rds of the player-base. This rule is meant to protect them and those who favor creation over destruction. Arguably, there'd be no use for this rule if PVP clans didn't exist. It's not very fun- barely starting to play only to have 7-8 people kill you over and over again inside of your own home. Just as fast as these newcomers die, they can leave. The 12/12 rule gives them a chance to spend time on the server in peace. Because people can't control their murderous power surges, the balance of peace needs to be enforced because of how many players are complaining and leaving.

So yes, the server is taking the side of players who have joined for a short amount of time over veteran players BECAUSE it's better for the server in the long run. Without a balance, players leave. Without players, there's not enough funds to run the server. Without funds, the server ceases to exist. We need to foster an environment that helps the server in the long run; it needs funds, and keeping green players exponentially boosts server popularity, ergo boosting funds. Players who favor PVP need to see things from an analytical side; the 12/12 rule is numerically better for the server.

The way I see it; 12/12 treats both sides equally. Pacifists have everything to lose in a 24/7 server, whereas fighters have NOTHING to lose in a 12/12 server.

And what about timezones? Yes, I agree this is an issue. But one needs to understand; most of our players live in the Americas and Europe. EST time fits the grand majority of our players. I don't believe the answer is to turn a cold shoulder to the minority, but as much as we try, we can't please everyone. I always have new ideas in the works, so off-timezone players shouldn't suffer for much longer.

Either way, I don't believe 12/12 will last forever, but until I or another person devises a UNIQUE plan that helps the server, that's the way it will stay. Just know, as a Co-Owner, I spend lots of time creating rules and hypothetical societal structures to facilitate the lives of everyone on the server. Creating a better PVP arrangement for Cueball is definitely on my agenda. All I ask is that you veteran players to stay chill.

Thank you for reading. I hope this clarifies the new rule change.