I just want to say Thanks To all of You in skaia For making My Afternoons, After Long school-days, Weekends to whenever I can Fit it In. I Very Much Enjoy being with yall, and I am Always happy to help out if it wasn't for you guys Heck I don't know where I would be, Glad to know where I am Right Now, With this being said I need to stop Skaia for a bit to focus on School I will be on when I can fit time in (I know all of my last breaks were Drama But for Now I need to focus on school I do not know how long this will take. Its been a year since I joined the server with My brother Squritle123. Now I am In high school and Not taking Things as seriously as I should So I am going to go focus on school. And Getting my grades Up. It's Been an Awesome year with You guys. We have all been through a lot and Grown up quite a bit. Yah we all have our bad days But That has never stopped us form being awesome. Thank you again