I'm xSlayerz and I want to point out several concerns about pvp.

CueballCraft is back to old 12h pvp and I have to wake up early to fight my friends. Most servers have 1.8 pvp, which is bad. Nelly said she fixed this by adding 1.9 pvp to factions, but there is no timer and we still rely on spamming LMB. This is because of a 1.8 pvp plugin inside the server files, and as I know it is hard to remove. I don't want to minimod, judge or whatever but I have a solution.

-Remove that plugin which makes every weapon have 90+ attack speed;
-Add 24/7 or 6h pvp to CueballCraft (semi vanilla 1.12).

I will post a thread on svanilla server topic soon, complaining about the ups and downs of 12h/nonstop pvp.