This is a very important announcement.

List of CueballCraft public Homes has been reset, and public farms are not allowed anymore.

To ensure the fairness of the gameplay, we apply an update to our CueballCraft rules.

1. Mob-drop farms, free items centers, (including but not limited to: food, XP, Pigman), and overpowered trades are not allowed. Please do "/untrust public" and "/untrust <player>" to keep all claim trusts off.

2. Public /home in the vicinity of any mob spawner that throws items that can be sold, are not allowed. Please do "/untrust public" and "/untrust <player>" to keep all claim trusts off near any such spawners.

All homes were set as private. If you want your home to return to public status, feel free to switch it back to public, and keep in mind that staff will investigate public homes as well as all homes that contain more than 3 invitations. We will look for builds that may include a mob-drop farm, a free item center, or a store that is overpowered. This will be determined flexibly and at the discretion of the staff. The home location can be deleted, and the access trusts can be dropped if it turns out that it has been used repeatedly or switched back to public. If the build itself is still in use, the build can be deleted or moved.

If you have any concerns about your stuff, don't hesitate to post below. We are happy to help in any way possible.