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suggestions for cueball and the server in general

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what is the suggest forum?
i dont see a suggest forum per se, only a server feedback i post here.

@Skaia: taking away means of communication(shoutbox) from your players wont do anything good in terms of feedback, growth, or revenue (wich seems to be the most important to you).
it only makes people even more annoyed with the server.
stop your victim mentality and start listening to your players.
nobody wants bad for the server or you.
just give people who play on a daily basis some credit, they are the ones who know best how to make the server more attractive to oldfags and new folks alike.

please everyone chip in with suggestions and dont be shy, post your two cents here, lets discuss em.

here is my suggestions:
+ ig spawners legal for everyone
+ evoker/vindicator spawners illegal
+ return of gold trade at a much much higher rate
+ possibility to opt out of pvp with a 24hr cooldown
+ make public farms legal again, its just silly to make a major thing like that illegal, public farms not making people lazy or whatever you think. they are meeting places, people who build them are proud and want to show em off, people who see them get motivated to build one of their own. sure it helps noobs in the very beginning, but thats one of the criteria, next to nice helpfull players and staff, that makes noobs want to stay and start their empire on skaia. also lets be honest we talking about food and xp farms here, nobody will make a public free iron farm XD.
+ and most important of all a stable server. i know nelly says its no issue, but clearly it is. people lost interest and got butthurt over lost stuff from rollbacks and then they left. 5posts in the shoutbox are about the server being down, thats AFTER nelly said its no issue. so clearly it is. there is nothing more annoying to have mined/build for an hour then getting kicked for a restart only to find your inv empty or your build back to block one.

if you do all that or at least put it up for vote, people will be more inclined to stay or purchase items n ranks and vote even without overpowered voter rewards.
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- IG spawners must not be legal for everyone.
If that happens, a person with atleast 10 spawners can be already very rich in the game easily. Imagine having 30 spawners of iron golems.
- Evoker / vindicator spawners are already illegal so far and animations' vindicator spawner has been changed to iron golem
- I agree with this one, although you can trade the gold for emeralds that can be traded at spawn, I think it would be better even if you would set it like 30 gold for a grist.
- I don't know
- Yes please.
- Yes please.
Posted Apr 9, 19
1.Strongly disagree , just ban them all along
4.Doesn't matter.
Posted Apr 9, 19
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The gold trade was removed because it was too easy to get paid from. Just sitting afk at a farm is not what survival is supposed to be. The same goes for iron. It is at a steep price because it is easily obtainable from mining it, vanilla farms, and now exclusive spawners. Making ig spawners available for everyone completely diminishes the shop yet again. Evoker and vindicator spawners are already illegal. The pvp issue has been debated and 24/7 pvp has been the best solution with the least amount of complaining.
I agree with making public farms legal again, though I also see why theyre now illegal.
Server stability is always working to be fixed. It isn’t something we can fix overnight and have it be stable forever.
Posted Apr 9, 19
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We don’t have a victim mentality, we can ban you or IP-ban you at any time. Accounts created in order to avoid ban from forum, will lead to an IP-ban, as the forum rules say.

Shoutbox was disabled to all without any tag on the site, for example, Member. Because it is designed to allow someone to post posts, even if they are banned, which is not good.

Here is what you do:
  • Make your own minecraft server.
  • Infinite World, RTP, WorldEdit (for staff), Cracked (offline mode).
  • Get more than 30 players and enough staff to have at least one of them online at any time.
  • Start this server for at least 3 months.
  • Send me logs for me to make sure that, during these 3 months it is a "stable server". If this weird crash (and you will learn technical reason why it does it) does not happen more than 15 times during this period of time, then you will receive a reward for being right and I will listen to everything you say.

I already listen to everything you want to say. At the same time, I need to balance this and let everyone else decide what is best for the server. Raged said everything correctly, except that he forgot one thing: many times people complained that the server was boring because of the public farms.

Stability improvement is always happening, and we did major overhaul to improve stability yesterday. The server did not work for several hours while we repaired it. You could not know this, since it was mainly announced on Discord, you do not install Discord, because it is, as you say, a “bloated piece of spyware”. There is a web version you know. How can your opinion be trusted when you say such nonsense?
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Ok, most of this has already been said, but
1. No IG spawners. Do you want a repeat of the gold removal?
2. Aren't they already lol (animations got rekt later)
3. Nah
4. PvP cooldowns.....
See, I was like you too. I wanted PvP restrictions too. Last year, I proposed the 12 hour switches. That didnt go so well and I received a lot of backlash. Manual player PvP switches looks good here, but when it is implemented, its going to cause issues. If people keep themselves on peaceful all time, old PvPers will get bored and start leaving. With PvP, there is a little challenge in the game. Also, trolls will find a way to pour lava on you and kill you (and get banned later) regardless of PvP state.
5. Im ok with public farms. Although it makes the game a bit easier, there is a catch. It's a public farm. If someone is careless and comes with good gear, they risk losing it to PvPers.
6. The server is getting more stable.
Im not banned evaders. All scared me!
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