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thread locked "suggestions for cueball and the server in general "

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there we are...
three valid responses, a glint of player participation, the tender sparkle of public discurs.

... and then nelly comes all butthurt taking it personal whining about being victimized while denying any victim mentality. unconstructively telling me to make my own server and to get on discord, threatening to forum ban me for no violation at all...
then she locks the thread just to make sure any further player suggestions or participation is killed off in its infancy...
like so many times before. QED

all i have to say about this is, it was jacks suggestion to make a suggestion thread and he didnt even have a chance to pipe up in it :'(
also: the rapid responses that would have no doubt grown to many more, show the validity of such a thread. yeah it might be the same topics every time and yes it does become tedious and tiring and listening to everyones ideas isnt easy just like explaining why this and that might be unfeasable over and over again... but the fact is people leave because they are annoyed because of those topics and when they then try to do something about it and dont even get an ear, who could blame em.
NELLY, NOBODY IS MAKING YOU PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY SERVER ISSUES, nonetheless it is happening and not talking about it or even denying it wont make it an iota better, on the contrary it just spirals it to worse and worse.
i said my piece, lock it or delete it, dun care anymore

ps: thx raged rasta and 9jy for your input, it wasnt to be tho XD
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We do listen to players’ suggestions; however, we only implement ones that the staff team feels should be added. Everything you suggested was addressed by Nelly or I as to the reasons why they are or are not implemented. The thread was locked as a result of that conclusion.

Nelly was not trying to attack you. She simply only wants feedback about server-related issues from people who have experience with similar issues. Essentially, don’t tell someone how to do something if you don’t possess any experience in that field.

You’ve been warned for staff disrespect. Do not talk about Nelly or any other staff member in such a manner or you will be permanently removed from the forums.
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I unlocked it. The way that 'New Features / Changes' forum works is, you must publish your proposals in one thread with each idea as a separate answer so that the server can vote for each of your proposals separately. So go ahead, we will not punish you for multi-posting.
For example, you can post a reply to your thread that looks somewhat like:

"Make public farms legal again. Please add a reaction to this post if you Approve or Disapprove."
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