Staff Hiring:
We are looking to grow our team of 8 to about 14. The staff we currently have is the very best at what they do. You do not need to be a master at your craft, just be flexible at happy to learn. We like to work with people as passionate about the game and storytelling as we are.

Here is a list of positions currently open for new staff:

Game Designer (1x) - The experience requires a vast amount of content seamlessly woven together. From custom items, to recipes, dungeon population, NPC, or more generally player progression and achievement. As a Game Designer, you will work with our management to deliver meaningful, enjoyable progression in the form of custom items, crafting recipes and monster loot tables. It is important you understand basic elements of game design and the psychology behind what players do.

Community Team (4x - 2 North America, 2 Europe - Our project is built around the community. An important aspect of this is the commitment to player events. We plan to run weekly story and community events that push the server forward, from large campaigns to simple auctions and dungeon hunts. The community team works with others to design, implement and deliver our events on a weekly basis. We will have a team of 4 who interact with our playerbase on a daily basis, making sure the events are high quality and our players are having fun.

Lore Writer (1x) - The world is authentic and represents the wild, towns and nations. This means all of our team needs to know what is appropriate, how people would have acted, and what architecture makes sense. Our Lore team is largely independent to design and outline how the world operates, making sure the experience comes across as deep and believable. You will work with our head Game-Maker to design in-game books, write story campaigns and help design the characters.

Builder (4x) - The team operates on a 6-months ahead plan, meaning we are currently working on several ambitious builds that will act as expansions to the server. From new islands, to mythical zones and specific buildings for player plots. The build team has the autonomy to come up with new ideas, while coordinating with each other (and with the Lore team) to deliver the breathtaking world our players explore.

Art (1x) - If you love to draw, we are looking for artists to complement our project. We have a rich, detailed universe that brims with interesting places, characters and stories. Historically, the players enjoyed seeing concept art that represents the server. This is a rewarding role, as the art brings a breath of life into our ideas, and players appreciate this. You will have the space to express your vision of the world, creating portraits of key characters, concept art for important areas, or art rewards for the campaign events.

How to apply:

Type %apply on the channel #apply-for-staff

For more information contact me on Discord: OvO#3174