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Spawner Giveaway!

By NellyBot ∞ OwnerDev - Posted Feb 27, 19

February Top Voter winners were skipped, but that's OK!

We will be sure to post one next month (on March 01), and it will include your voting activity of December, January and February combined!

What else? To celebrate the fact that the issue with servers randomly going offline has been fixed, we would like to introduce a new Top Voter reward!

We will do a Mob Spawner giveaway for 1 spawner to 1 randomly selected user in the TOP 20 most voting players of the month.

This Spawner can be set to any allowed mob, but including Iron Golem.

Could it be any better? Yes! Only on April 01, we will double it and give away 2 spawners!

This giveaway will occur every month, starting next month! Remember to vote every day on all the sites at

P.S., If the winner does not want the mob spawner, another winner will be chosen.

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