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SASA LELE (50% Off)

By Jack Owner - Posted May 18, 18

No, your eyes do not deceive you! We cut prices in half for our Donations shop, just like this sign!

lol dumb sign

Well, it's not cut in half... Actually there are two signs there. But who really cares about that sign? No one. No one is who.

But who cares about 50% off everything at You all do.

Maybe buy Cueball-OP for that special someone <3. Or buy Prospit rank for yourself and worldedit away that huge pixel-art of John Cena you regret making, so you don't have to break every block manually as he stares at you while his perfectly chiseled cheekbones and manly smile are broken slowly into oblivion. Is this a loss? You think not.

Or maybe shower yourself in Rare Item Tokens... oh wait the Rare Item Tokens is the one item that isn't included in this sale not marked down... Oh well, you should do that anyway!

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