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Cueball Claimblocks Reset

By Nelly∞ OwnerDev - Posted Jun 1, 18

Due to account-stealers, we decided it would be best to reset the account of the claim blocks of all players in CueballCraft. As a result, all player claimblocks in CueballCraft were changed to 100, which is the default amount. This does not include claimblocks that are used by claimed land.

I know the inconvenience of this decision. Unfortunately, our hands are tied in this decision ... The claimblocks have been abused and shared by staff and old accounts, and many accounts have too much. Account-stealing would only continue for a long time without this, as we have recently made a change that makes inactive accounts not unregister anymore. Want the server's claim space to be open and fair for everyone, and we want claimblocks to be a valuable game level that players can work for.

There are 3 ways to gain claimblocks on your account again:

  1. Spend time on the server (40 can be earned per hour) 
  2. Remove claims that are unused 
  3. Buy claimblocks from the Donations shop. Please note that users who already purchased claimblocks in the past will get them back again. We have extended the 50% OFF sale for one more week!
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