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By Nelly∞ OwnerDev - Posted Sep 22, 18

MI: Eggs appears out of nowhere, and he brings his timer with him.
MI: The date is set for October 01, but the actual update of the Factions server may be delayed for several more days.
MI: Yes, the number 12 means I'm talking about Minecraft 1.12.

Skyblock update is almost here!
We get rid of our 1.8 Skyblock and replace it with Skyblock update for 1.12.2 with some new features.

All skyblock islands will be reset on 10/01/2018.
Here's what you can do:

Create a support ticket, and we'll make sure that your build is restored after the reset. In your ticket, please do not forget to write the coordinates where you are when you go to your island (this makes things much easier for us). To start a new ticket, see

It is important to know the following:

  • We will restore only one island per user.

  • If this is not an important island, then to start over may be the best for you. Since we will have to do a large number of recovery requests, we are not going to accept any structures that are too small or mostly made for griefing.

  • Your Inventory in Skyblock will be dropped, and we will not restore them! ... Therefore, please do not forget to extract from your inventory all your important things and put them in chests on your island.

More updates to come!

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