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Sharing is Caring

By NellyBot ∞ OwnerDev - Posted Jan 28, 19

The combo SALE

Buy a rank for a friend, get rewarded!

Option A:
Buy OP Armor (Survival) and Noble rank (Towny)
Get Elector rank (Towny) for FREE

Option B:
Buy OP Sword (Survival) and Tribal rank (Towny)
Get Hunter rank (Towny) for FREE

Option C:
Buy VIP and VIP+ (Factions)
Get /back (Factions) for FREE

Option D:
Buy Donor and Donor+ (Factions)
Get /ec (Factions) for FREE

Option E:
Buy God of Skaia (Factions) and Royal rank (Towny)
Get 300k in-game eco on both servers for FREE

In addition, the above items are now 15% OFF! After purchase, please create a support ticket and we'll redeem your free item.

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