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I simply want all of you who have uploaded a video about our server or launcher, to update your video by making everything in its title and description to say '1.13' (instead of '1.12.2' or '1.11.wwhatevver'). 

This should help us tremendously. Thank you.
GhostNinja Well do when I make a video next
kasimtheworker Jack heres my youtube video ive spent 4 hours edditing made it today
Pengur Yo Jack Here's my YouTube video showcasing the Server.

We have our very own Cracked Minecraft Launcher. Check out the page and download it here:


We hope you love it, and share it with your friends!
If you make a video of the launcher, title it "Cracked Minecraft Launcher 1.13 Skaia Launcher", or "How to play 1.13 Minecraft for free (Skaia Launcher)", and comment your video's link here, I will instantly give you Advertiser rank. Which is awesome because it has /fly and stuff. For rules and conditions click here.
Thanks for helping us get the word out.  

Here is how your video should look 
emis1234567890 I wish i could have a pc i could play on:( i have a pc but it says open GL error so mc crash. Pls help?
Redstone_Tony PUMPKIN wow, i've been looking for this server for a long time, to be with people who are homestuck fans like me. but i mus...
Sajid VIP+ Guys I had made a video of this launcher a month ago yet I even didn't get any reply on my ticket . Checkout my vi...

Shark Attack!

Jack Owner posted Jul 30, 18

1.13 Minecraft servers are here. Why wait to play on 1.13? At SkaiaNet Hosting, you can make your very own server that you can update yourself (instead of waiting for some awesome server to update).

We are one of the first Minecraft hosts to use NVMe SSDs. No restrictions, no lag, and only the best hardware. See our plans here.

Get the first month for free on any plan at SkaiaNet Hosting!

Use Coupon Code at Checkout: 413ISMAGIC

vagglil how can I download Minecraft
Pretzel PUMPKIN o does this mean 1.13 is coming to the launcher/server soon Either way really cool!
emis1234567890 Thank you so much!!! Just bought 16RAM server with the code.
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