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Thanksgiving Sale

Nelly∞ OwnerDev
N_Sh @
posted Nov 19, 18

Click me

Mcgaming24 luv da meme
Al240Mario YT PUMPKINVIP Lol I wanted free claim blocks again
Funkyjunky PUMPKIN Whoever made the poster is a master blaster artist. hats off. Especially the chicken and the heheh in the background . S...

Server Maintenance

Nelly∞ OwnerDev
N_Sh @
posted Nov 14, 18

Today, Nov 14, 19:00 UTC (2 PM EST), we will be performing important maintenance on our server network.

Expect up to 2 hours of downtime for all Minecraft servers.

No loss or resets to data or builds will occur.

We may keep you up-to-date on progress or any issues that occur on the Twitter

natetheboss It won't let me in i signed up it won't let me in

September Voters Skipped

Nelly∞ OwnerDev
N_Sh @
posted Oct 1, 18

Due to lack of votes last month, we will not be releasing any Top Voters of September.

However, we will be sure to post one next month, and it will include your voting activity of September and October combined! So keep voting and thanks!

Al240Mario YT PUMPKINVIP October voters skipped as well. People not voting?
iLearner PUMPKIN But but I wasn't there last month, I joined about 2 and half weeks ago, and I am top 4.
ReptileGamingMC PUMPKINVIP+ Can I still receive reward even if I have a pumpkin rank?
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